The Shed will recommence operation under Covid 19  guidelines on Monday 15 June for members only. 


Because of these restrictions, any other persons wishing to visit the Shed must first phone the Shed Supervisor on 0491 138 820.


The Shed Covid19 Safety Plan applying to the Shed is listed below for guidance.




The following instructions have been prepared by the Shed Committee to maximize safety of members and visitors.


I. Numbers - Number of persons in the Shed areas to be calculated on the four-square metre per person rule or by current Government restrictions, whichever is lower.


2. Entry to the Shed - Entry to be restricted to members or pre-approved visitors only.

Prior to entry ALL persons are to use the hand washing facility to thoroughly wash hands with hot water and soap in accordance with posted manner. Hand sanitiser available at door. ALL persons must then present at the Shed entrance door for temperature testing. Any persons registering a body temperature exceeding 37.4C will not be permitted entry without medical proof in writing that this is acceptable. A daily register of all persons attending must be kept, with phone contact details of visitors noted.


3. Restrictions within the Shed - ALL persons must comply with physical distancing of 1.5m wherever practicable. In instance of operation requiring closer contact, this must be reduced to a minimum time and NEVER exceed 15 minutes close proximity with the same person. The use of shared tools should be avoided at all times, with all hand tools returned to the tool store after use for disinfection wiping before being re-issued. Any Shed PPE equipment must be disinfectant wiped before and after use before returning to appropriate storage.


4. Use of kitchen facility - Prior to tea breaks, the working surfaces of the area be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Prior to using the facility ALL persons MUST wash hands before and maintain social distancing whilst dispensing drinks or washing cups after use. ALL must use personal cups – no area storage – with these washed and kept in personal care. Disposable cups may be available for visitors but must be dispensed only by persons wearing gloves.   


5. Items brought into the shed - Any item members bring to the Shed MUST be kept outside the area until the Shed Supervisor is satisfied it is clear of Covid19 contamination.


The shed recently received an unsolicited $2,200 donation from fundraising by the crew of the Spirit of Tasmania. This is greatly appreciated and will allow machinery safety upgrades that will benefit the members for many years to come.

The newly installed computer programmable router is now operational with an example of what can be produced - a reindeer bottle opener - on display and for sale at Get Smart Hairdressing in Churchers Arcade.

The shed is supporting the Lions Club "Bale Out a Farmer" by providing a donation of $1,500 raised form playhouse sales as well as organising a farmer donation of forty round bales - a total assistance equaling 750 hay bales for hungry animals suffering from the East Coast Drought.